Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Omicron at San Jose State University



The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta appreciate and value the bonds they have with one another and with other houses on campus. We have socials and serenades with many of the fraternities each semester and we love getting to meet all of the men and women of the greek system. We also participate in other chapters' philanthropies and enjoy showing our support for them. At the end of each semester, we hold a formal or semi-formal where the sisters get to dress up, receive awards and dance all night!

Serenades and Socials:

Each semester, we have numerous serenades and socials with fraternities. At the serenades, we sing songs back and forth then end with socializing and meeting the men of the fraternity. We then have themed socials where we get to dress up, play games, and interact with the men of the fraternity.

Greek Philanthropies:

Every house has a philanthropy, and the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta love having the opportunity to participate and support the other houses. We get to compete in dances, talent shows, bake sales, coin wars, and more. 


We have a formal dance at the end of each semester where we celebrate the end of the new member's program and finishing the semester. Sisters receive awards voted on by the rest of the house and get to dance with their sisters and dates.