Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Omicron at San Jose State University

New Member Program

Our five-to-eight-week Bonds of Sisterhood program helps new members learn about Fraternity and chapter life and the responsibilities of membership. These responsibilities include upholding Alpha Xi Delta ideals and standards, meeting financial obligations, pursuing personal and academic excellence and participating in chapter activities. 

Being a part of Alpha Xi Delta, we pride ourselves in our sisterhood and relationships with one another. But of course, these bonds don’t happen over night. We know it takes time to build friendships and create lasting memories which is why each of our new members goes through a five to eight week long program, the New Member Orientation Program. During these weeks, new members are brought closer together, strengthening bonds to one another and to the entire chapter all while learning about Alpha Xi Delta’s history.

The new member program is crucial to Alpha Xi Delta’s growth because it allows new members to get to know each other on a deeper level, turning strangers to friends and friends to sisters. It is also meant to smoothly integrate new members into the chapter as joining a sorority can seem intimidating at first. The new member program is kind of like the training wheels of a bike. It is a time to explore and ask questions while a committee of active sisters cater entirely to the growth of the new member class. Forming these bonds early on through each new member class is what strengthens our sisterhood and creates the unbreakable bond that is Alpha Xi Delta. 


Daniella Bejines

New Member Orientation Chair