Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Omicron at San Jose State University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Becoming a member of Alpha Xi Delta, you will be a part of something much greater than yourself. Once you join you won’t be able to imagine how your college experience would have been otherwise. You will be shaped into an even stronger woman that will have courage, be gracious, and make peace. 

You will experience various opportunities that will encourage you to push yourself to new levels that will drive you to take on advanced rolls in Alpha Xi Delta and in the community. You will have the most advantageous experience of working with our philanthropy Autism Speaks as we raise money and awareness.

Since 1893, Alpha Xi Delta has inspired women to realize their potential. Our fraternity continues to uphold the ideals of sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service to our community in which our founders had instilled. This organization is dedicated to the personal growth of women and our sisterhood. 

Being a part of Alpha Xi Delta’s sisterhood is not for years but for life. A sister will be provided with opportunities for fun, friendship and leadership during her college years and beyond. You will continue on with your life after you graduate and carry on the relationships you have made in our fraternity that will be life long. 

Membership Vice President
Heather Le